Dear guest, you are within the National Wildlife Refuge Maquenque, where conservation and protection of our natural resources is a pillar for sustainable development of our community of Boca Tapada, at this small town we give a warm welcome and invite you to join our efforts following these recommendations for your trip:

  • Add an extra tree to our refuge, participating in our reforestation project.
  • Use only the water you need; you can take short showers and close the faucet while brushing and shaving.
  • If your towels and sheets are clean, request they are not changed.
  • Turn off the lights and fan when not in the room and unplug appliances when not in use.
  • Take advantage of natural lighting and ventilation whenever possible.
  • Use the trash cans outside the restaurant to separate waste properly, in the room the maid will do the separation process.
  • Discard the paper and hygiene products in the trash can only because our drainage systems are not designed to process these wastes.
  • Do not dispose of chemicals or drugs products in drainage systems, as these affect the biological control system of our drains.
  • Help us protect, report any situation of sexual exploitation or harassment detected.
  • Visit Boca Tapada the School and enjoy an authentic experience while working with community development.
  • Visit the protected areas of our country and be amazed by nature.
  • Get local handicrafts, which have not been made ??with endangered species.
  • Protect natural resources, do not remove, or damage the flora and fauna.
  • Do not feed wild animals because it affects the natural balance.
  • Take the opportunity to learn more about the culture and lifestyle of the community.
  • When possible, participate in cultural activities that occur in the region.

At Maquenque Eco Lodge we appreciate your contribution to our sustainability programs and invite you to learn more about our Sustainable Tourism Certification.