“El paso de la lapa”

Our restaurant “El paso de la lapa” is the favorite place of our guests due to the incredible panoramic view of the mountains, lagoons that surround us and the various birds you can observe in a cozy atmosphere.


The division of this restaurant is divided into two rooms: “Teca” and “Caña Brava” which can enjoy delicious drinks from the bar, cafeteria and the cellar with a display of various wine options.


We offer the opportunity to enjoy different options for breakfast where we will have our plate to taste eggs to taste, menu for lunch and dinner with typical Costa Rican recipes. Most of the ingredients used in our kitchen are national products grown in the area, to promote the local economy and guarantee a fresh and healthy diet to our diners. A large part of them are grown on our property, 100% chemical free.


Open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.