Maquenque Eco Lodge

Chocolate Tour & Don Eduardo Farm:

Chocolate Tour & Don Eduardo Farm:

Tour of the farm

Enjoy an unforgettable experience on our tour of La Finca, where we try to be as sustainable as possible by using the cattle for milk AND cheese in our restaurant. With the whey we feed the pigs and with the manure we feed the worms to produce fertilizer for the crops.
We start in the lobby of the Lodge where we will go for rubber boots and a short walk through the gardens to the dairy, where you will be able to live handmilking practices. You will also be able to visit the cheese house, the terrace of the mill where you can enjoy the delicious fresh cane juice as well as a rich product made from sugar cane.
Then we go to the vegetable garden where you will visit the crops for the restaurant, the pond of the guapotes, the laying hens, the greenhouse, the bees for honey and the pollinators of the vegetable garden.

Chocolate tour

Have you ever wondered how chocolate is made, where it comes from, how cocoa grows or what real chocolate tastes like?
We start with a unique experience with a walk through the cocoa plantation where our guide will show you how the cocoa trees grow, the different varieties, pollination and how the cobs are harvested for the proper process of fermentation and natural drying. We continue with the chocolate station where we will learn about the process of making chocolate. Our guide will show you how to make different types of chocolate and you will also be able to enjoy traditional drinks made by the Indians such as the popular drink of the Gods and much more.

  • Departure : 9:00 am
  • Return : 12:00 pm
  • Price : $35

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